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BLUE HAZE Cannabis Strain Details
Product Highlights
he Blue Haze strain (10% Blueberry x 90% Haze) sounds a little heavier than one might expect, so don’t let the sativa take you by surprise. DJ Short’s Blueberry is a cute, squatty little indica that would knock you out if given the opportunity. The Haze Bros sativa driven Haze takes over most of the genetics, blending quite well with the small percentage of indica Blueberry offers. Blueberry and Haze were both developed in the West Coast, during the 70’s, by very patient breeders with ‘high’ expectations. This notable lineage would explain Blue Haze’s award for “Best Sativa” during High Times Cannabis Cup 2001.

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BLUE HAZE has the following taste and smell flavor profile:

Strain Attributes
Top Symptoms:Stress Pain Headaches
Top Conditions:Anxiety Arthritis ADD/ADHD
Top Effects:Euphoric, Happy, hungry
Top Negatives:DryMouth,DryEyes,Paranoid
BLUE HAZE Availability
At 2 Locations nearBoulder, CO

Ocean Grown Collective

miles away 2 reviews

Google Dispensary

miles away 2 reviews
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