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Maryland Governor Signs Cannabis Decriminalization Bill


The governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley (not to be confused with Mike O’Malley, host of the 90′s nostalgic bomb that is Nickelodeon’s GUTS) made good on his word to sign Senate Bill 364 and did exactly that today. The bill decriminalizes the possession of 10 grams or less of cannabis. Governor O’Malley (logically)¬†feels that the bill will improve public safety by freeing up police officers to focus on threats more serious than whether the guy walking down the street has a bud in his pocket.

Decriminalization is tricky in the United States — Maryland joins 28 other states that have either statewide decriminalization or decriminalize in certain cities (for example, Alaska has decriminalized cannabis statewide but Kansas has not, instead opting to pass ordinances in cities like Lawrence). But, as we all know, with progress comes change, and with change comes a domino effect that can inspire others to follow suit. Congratulations, Maryland! May your crab cakes be extra tasty tonight.

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