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Allergies are Bad Enough


My coworkers and I have been battling itchy, watery eyes for the past couple weeks. No, we’re not hotboxing the office. Spring is here, and although we’re loving the warmer temperatures and sunny blue skies, we’re cursing the beautiful but pollen-filled flowers that have been blooming and spreading their malicious sneeze powder across the country.I can think of few allergies worse than the ones triggered by springtime (a dairy allergy for sure, because a world where I can’t eat cheese is a world I don’t want to live in), but an allergy to cannabis is just downright cruel. Yet apparently cannabis allergies are growing, which has prompted researchers to explore the topic further at the upcoming Congress of French-Speaking Allergists in Paris April 16. Based on initial research, cannabis allergy sufferers experience hayfever, pink eye, rashes, asthmatic symptoms. Normally I’d recommend cannabis to treat some of those symptoms but seeing as how that’s not an option for these folks, I guess good ol’ Benadryl will do the trick. If only they made a sativa version of the anti-histamine…

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